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Seeking a C. Change

Build Awareness. Shift Perception. Influence Behavior. Change The World. 

What We Do For You
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• Advertising Campaigns 

• Multimedia Creative Production 

• Content Marketing 

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Strategy 

• Digital Paid Promotions  

• Website Strategy, Design & Maintenance 

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• Strategy & Identity  
• Audience, Competitor, Market & Trend Research  
• Messaging & Vocabulary
• Brand/Cultural Audits 
• Brand Experience Design 
• Corporate Philanthropy Management 
• Measurement & Analysis


• Communications Strategy & Planning 

• Press Kits, Media Alerts & Releases 

• Media Pitching 

• Press Conferences, Tours, Trips & Media Events  

• Influencer Outreach & Events

• Crisis Communications

• Reviews/Reputation Management 

• Spokesperson Training 

• Speaking Engagements 

• Award Nominations

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Building A Better World

Change is not always easy. Since 2015, we’ve helped companies of all sizes and types innovate and stay competitive. From brand identity and positioning, to messaging frameworks, governance and strategy, we help you lead the way. Your success is our top priority. 


Core Values

C. Change Consulting's supports and advances your goals with a value-driven approach. Our core values are the guiding principles leading our work every day. 

  • INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing one person, one project, and one client at a time

  • BELONGING: Honor the perspective and talents of the unique through respect, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and trust​

  • COLLABORATION: Create opportunity by fostering deep and enriching connections that openly embrace challenge, learning, and innovation

  • ADVOCACY: Inform, inspire, and influence social good  

  • WONDERLUST: Play hard, question often, and laugh loudly while in adventurous pursuit

Our team is ready to help you thrive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

Why We Do It

"C. Change" is a play on “sea change,” defined as a significant change in perspective affecting a group or community at-large, on a particular issue.  

As a digital-first agency, C. Change Consulting supports corporations, government, foundation, and nonprofit entities across all industries around the globe. C. Change helps you maximize opportunities to make positive lasting impacts on the bottom line, community, and the world.