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Is Podcasting Right For You?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Amplify Your Brand Voice With Podcasting

A 2019 study by Edison Research estimated that 90 million Americans listen to at least one podcast per month. As we harbor commute times grow, the adoption of more voice-activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, and our hunger for storytelling swells, podcasting will continue to grow..

The Podcast Consumer: Chart demonstrates rising trend of monthly podcast listeners by Edison Research, Triton
Monthly Podcast Listening

The average monthly listener is:

-18-54 years-old, Caucasian

-Mostly male, though 44% of podcast listeners are female

-Well-educated working professional

-Average annual household income of $75,000+, the majority of which fall in the $100,000-150,000 range

-Prefers to listen on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device

-Tunes in to an average of seven different podcasts each week

-Listens while at home, in car/transit, walking around, and exercising

Companies that have a dispersed workforce, like we're experiencing with COVID-19, or have a large number of employees who in the field and are infrequently or not at all at a computer (i.e. nurses and construction workers), are the perfect candidate for podcasting. We're seeing more businesses launch podcasts now during coronavirus and one reason is because of the medium's ability to succinctly deliver a message without it getting misinterpreted in email or through the press. In a time of such uncertainty, employees and clients look to leadership for news updates, guidance, and support. Simply hearing directly from leadership can provide an air of calm, empathy, and encouragement. Research says that podcast listeners listen to each episode within 24-48 hours of downloading the audio file.

Edison Research Triton PodcastConsumer activities done while listening to podcasts
When Podcasters Listen

Podcast listeners are consuming more content, more frequently than just a few years ago. As the nation shelters in place, consumers are looking for more low-no cost entertainment and learning opportunities. This has resulted in some companies launching more lifestyle and self-care type of content for employees, including podcasts. Research shows that podcast listeners consume an average of seven podcasts per week on topics ranging from music to news, history, sports, celebrities, and food. With the average podcast 40-60 minutes in length, this is uninterrupted time the listener devotes to learning, amusement, or relaxation. This is great news if you're telling a story or if you're an advertiser of the program!

Listeners love podcasts because they are versatile - fans can download episodes and listen whenever and wherever they prefer. Some well-loved podcasts have gone on to become a series for HBO, Netflix, or other video and streaming channels. This brand expansion offers companies more event, speaking, sponsorship/influencer, and advertising partnership opportunities to collaborate with podcasters.

Edison Research Triton PodcastConsumer Sources used at least occasionally to discover podcasts
How Listeners Discover New Podcasts

Edison Research's report identifies two opportunities: help users find podcasts they would enjoy and expand the variety of topics that are featured in podcasts, essentially creating more podcasts. Podcast listeners even said they would like to see more advertisements, more reviews, and more media stories about podcasts!

As you reflect on this exciting information and refine your strategic communications, advertising, and marketing efforts, consider podcasts. Podcasts will strengthen audience engagement, maximize company resources, and expand your storytelling capabilities.

For over 18 years, C. Change Consulting has helped brands in the corporate, small business, nonprofit, and government sectors with marketing and communications strategy, research, planning, and execution. If you need COVID-19 assistance, please reach out for complimentary services. #podcasting #marketing #publicrelations #PodcastConsumer

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